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You are smart, you are strong and you are kind.

Like everything I do, I'm apparently not following the rules of blogging whatsoever. I've had good intentions on writing Lindsey-isms for years but like everything in my ADHD brain, if I don't do it immediately, it gets lost in the brain fog only to randomly resurface years later to my never-ending things to do list.

So HI. I'm Lindsey. Owner and operator of my passion project Get Your Freak On Fitness. I'll blog later on my journey about my how & why but for now, I want to dive right in.

Today's post is actually inspired by my friend Dana. She has a relatively new niece and she told me once about her affirmations she used to sing to her in that cute voice we all use when speaking to babies - c'mon, we all do it. Now if you know me at all, I thought this was brilliant! Start them young! Have you taken a VXN class with GYFOF?! You should know our affirmations and mantra:

YES, I'm sexy!

YES, I'm fierce.


What really stuck with me was Dana's affirmations for her mini-me were more G rated than ours (ha ha) and the one that resonates with me still today is 'You are capable.' Of course, like anything that peaks my curiosity I asked Dana a million questions and she said sometimes she says different things to her niece but they're all centered around being a strong person.

So I've been thinking now more than ever about my little friends. Home schooling, missing their friends and prime time for building social skills, missing their recreation activities, spending their birthdays at home and not getting to wear that special badge or crown to show everyone it's your birthday. (I'm legit crying, you only get to wear that special badge one day a year for so many years before you're too cool to wear it ya know.)

Last night I taught a Brownie group online which I have done lots of during the last few years because of the pandemic. Those little faces were so freaking sweet on the computer screen! Fun fact, I would teach children's fitness every. damn. day. because they are the MOST fun to teach! They think I'm super cool and they match my energy level (almost.) I have been thinking about the importance of having special adult mentors in your life and the impact some of those mentors have had on my life growing up. Every interaction I have with a child is an opportunity to make an impact and I don't take that for granted. So since I'm missing my ability to build relationships with them in person right now I was trying to think yesterday how I could make an impact on those little Brownies.

So I borrowed a page from Dana's book and when the virtual class was over I said, "I want you to remember something - You are smart, you are strong and you are kind."

I want you to play along with me tonight and maybe tell this to your kids when they go to bed tonight. Try it for a full week straight. If you're super brassy, why not try it in the mornings for yourself?! It has nothing to do with physical appearance which I love, not that you're not HOT AF mind you haha.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear!

...and remember: you are smart, you are strong and you are kind.

Lindsey xx

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Charity Lawrence
Charity Lawrence
14. Jan. 2022

I love this! <3 My daughter is 4 months old. I love bringing her to a mirror to play 'who's that baby?' lol. I'm adding affirmations for her starting now!

Gefällt mir
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