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Self Love is the Best Love

It's been a tradition at Get Your Freak On Fitness to celebrate the month of looooooove in our own special ways! Every February we take Instagram stories by storm to show how we are showing ourselves some quality self love, because it's HARD AF to love yourself when society teaches you not to! Commercials full of cellulite free bodies, straight teeth, and glowing skin trying to sell you more ISH that will 'finally allow you to love yourself.'

True self love begins within. It's not about getting a make over, a new outfit or some botox. Don't get me wrong, those things can be you feel like a QUEEN but they're all external. Let's peel away the layers of this onion together, shall we?

Self love is about doing loving things for your mind, body and soul. It’s about putting you and your needs first for a change, and being selfish. Because it’s okay to think about yourself sometimes, despite what we’re often taught as women.

And by committing to these powerful acts of self love, you’re giving society the middle finger, and learning to love and celebrate the woman you already are.

Let's be honest, you know I'm in to flip someone the bird any day, but I'm 100% behind this initiative haha.

So play along with us in filling our your bingo card as a guide to self love. Involve your friends, sister, kids or partner if you need to so that you can focus that time on yourself. What an awesome conversation to have with your daughter explaining the importance of self love at a young age :)

Honestly boo, you're worth it.

Take some time to reflect on how you felt doing the act of self love, how you felt after, and then after you spent two weeks completing tiny simple tasks to celebrate YOU. I would love to hear your reflections. xoxo

Make a promise to yourself right now, to show yourself love every single day from today onward.

Because you deserve it, babe.

Here's the deets:

February 5th - 19th

Post a photo to your instagram story when you complete an act of self love from your bingo card. Be sure to tag @getyourfreakonfitness or it doesn't count!

ALL are welcome to participate and everyone who participates is eligible for PRIZES!

The Grand prize is a 3 month Nutrition program from our friends at Simply for Life valued at $499! (you must complete the bingo card to be eligible for the Grand Prize.) Plus other fun prizes along the way!

self love bingo
Download PDF • 124KB

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